Zoom In: X Games Case Study


After 13 months of making our vision come to life, the SkyHook Team proudly and successfully debuted at the X Games in Aspen, CO, as a grid-independent, clean energy provider for the four day event.

To prepare for X Games, teams at ESPN worked with us to identify opportunities where electricity would add value but connecting to the grid is challenging, costly, or impossible. This is what SkyHook Stations were designed for: providing clean energy and electricity, anywhere, hassle-free. Our collaboration led to a 10-Station deployment showcasing multiple use cases. We were excited to be able to deploy close to home at Aspen Ski Company’s Buttermilk Ski Resort and at the City of Aspen’s Intercept Parking Lot from our home base in Woody Creek in the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado.

While Stations are designed to be left in place for years, the ability of our deployment team to load in and out around a short and very complex event demonstrates the ease of delivery. Unlike a construction project, SkyHook is the only vendor a client needs for Station deployment. 

All of our deployments had charging capabilities, for either personal devices or electric vehicles. Additionally, the Stations were able to enhance security by hosting cameras and adding lighting where needed. While offering these services and security to the public, X Games, and their sponsors, could showcase their dedication to sustainability through advertising.

The partnership was a success. Even amidst the snowy X Games days, we were providing ample power from the sun as the Station’s design allows it to collect energy even while covered in snow. We saw people charging phones, interacting with Stations, and saw no security issues where we were deployed. 

We learned a lot from our deployment and partnership with X Games and are ready to learn more about the various use cases wanted by future partners. 

Interested in learning more? Want to share your use case? Contact us at sales@skyhooksolar.com, we’re excited to collaborate with you.