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Meet Our Team

SkyHook was created by a group of passionate inventors and engineers who want to have an impact on climate and change the way we use energy. Energy consumption is at an all-time high and growing every year as we require more electricity and gas to power our electrified lifestyles, on-demand services, and next-day deliveries. At the same time, we’re seeing a growth in natural disasters that challenge the way we’re able to communicate and access power resources. SkyHook was born in an effort to both create more grid independence and resiliency options from renewable energy sources. On top of that idea, we’ve built a platform for charging, communication, and data that we’re excited to bring to cities, communities, institutions, and companies for their various needs. We’re excited to introduce a sustainable power source that can flex from powering your daily needs to your emergency ones, and everything in between. Thanks for being a part of our journey in combating climate change.

Daniel professional

Daniel Delano

Co-Founder, President, & CEO

I'm excited to be working at SkyHook because our technology can change the arc of our planet's history for the better by deploying our Solar Stations to city street corners and off-grid in the developing world.

Eric professional

Eric Arnoldy


I’m looking forward to exploring what ubiquitous and available power can bring to the connected IoT world. Technology that has been held back by battery technology can now be explored.


Frank Oudheusden


The team is exceptionally skilled and when a skilled team is allowed to open it’s stride it can do amazing things.

Will Professional

William Gilmore

Co-Founder, Head of Product

I'm excited to work on a market driven energy solution that can scale and make an impact on climate.

Morgan Active

Morgan Fixel

Strategy & Partnerships

Fixed infrastructure doesn't always support growth and change. Having flexible, renewable power options is key for cities and organizations to move quickly and adapt as their needs and people's behavior changes.

Chris Needham Professional Photo

Chris Needham


We have the opportunity to bring high-impact solar to people without grid-access.


Denise Virtue


Given the current state of this planet along with the feeling of an impending climate disaster around the corner, bright and innovative minds are what the world is in need of immediately. SkyHook Solar has an incredible team of forward thinking, intelligent and caring individuals that believe in this product.

Kareem professional

Kareem Dabbagh

Founding Advisor

I'm excited about deploying modular, reliable, grid-independent clean energy that's available 24/7 anywhere on the planet.

Kendra Active

Kendra Joseph


I’m excited to make solar powered charging the norm and to help bring solutions to underserved communities and the developing world.

Jill Professional

Jill Steindler

Sales and Lease

I am a firm believer in the consequences of ignoring climate change. Skyhook is giving me an opportunity to be part of an amazing team that I believe will have a positive impact towards the greater good, and the goal of sustainability.

admin-ajax (2)

Duncan Delano


The Skyhook Solar Stations are elegant with a sleek design, but they are most appealing because they are uniquely simple, portable, and functional. I have worked with startups throughout my career but have never met such a bright, enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated bunch.

Tsama Professional

Tsama Parsons-Pineda


Solutions such as this give us the opportunity to re-imagine how electrical energy is created and used beyond the constraints of grid distribution and fossil fuels. It has the potential to further democratize energy and provide sovereignty to distributed needs.


Chris Tullar


SkyHook has created a solar multi tool that harnesses the sun and delivers free, clean power through a custom solutions platform to address unique challenges. SkyHook brings a green power solution to companies and industries looking to be 100% carbon-emission free.


Harry Teague


I see SkyHook on the forefront, and a key component of the major energy power shift that we are currently undergoing. By combining sustainability and portability the SkyHook Stations become an indispensable link in the future of electric power. The stations will be ready to provide sustainable power to rural and urban areas with urgent power needs.